Team P10 shines In Madison as Williamson and Nisler lead Mayhem Freedom to a record-breaking fourth consecutive title

Team P10 shines in Madison as Williamson and Nisler lead Mayhem Freedom to a record-breaking fourth consecutive title


The Crossfit Games culminate years of hard work and dedication for its competitors. We are incredibly proud to support our team of athletes from across the globe, and to have nearly twenty of them on the competition floor representing our brand is a very proud moment for us all.

August 10, 2022 – As the final buzzer sounds and the clock counts its last seconds, another Crossfit Games has concluded in Madison, WI. With record-breaking crowds and fans from around the globe, this year’s global fitness test was one for the history books.

P10 Performance boasted an impressive roster of seventeen athletes competing in the 2022 Crossfit Games between the team and individual divisions. A few notable standouts include Taylor Williamson and Andrea Nisler, who took home their second consecutive Crossfit Games “Fittest Team On Earth” title, accompanied by their teammates Sam Cournoyer and the most decorated Crossfit Athlete of all time, Rich Froning Jr. Alongside Taylor and Andrea.

P10 was also represented on the podium by athletes Jorge Fernandez and Joshua Al-Chamaa. They earned a hard-fought third-place finish with Team Invictus out of San Diego, CA.

With five days of intense competition, the Crossfit Games are an actual test of preparation, determination, and grit. Joshua Al-Chamaa shared, “Something I tried to remind our team before every workout was that we are in a unique position and to remember, we don’t have to this, we get to do this.

It’s a true honor to compete at the Crossfit Games, and having a sponsor in our corner like P10 Performance makes all of the difference when it comes time to showcase our hard work on the big stage and allows us to perform at our best when our best is needed,” Nic Johnston, PSR Brands Director of Sports Nutrition.

Along with a strong athlete presence, P10 Performance has continued its massive 2022 growth by taking to vendor village as an official Crossfit vendor offering product samples, interactive giveaways and providing an overall unforgettable fan experience to the thousands of spectators on the ground of the Alliant Energy Center, as they learned more about the P10 brand and how it can help them Power Their Best lives!

Nic Johnston shared, “We are on the cutting edge of the sports performance functional beverage market, and we believe P10 Performance is finally bringing customers and our athletes products that not only help them perform better but help improve their everyday lives.

The Crossfit Games community is a community that resonates perfectly with the P10 brand, and we are working tirelessly to bring them what they deserve.”

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