Did you know that the average person takes 24 hours to fully recover from a hangover?

What if you knew that there was a patented formula that could cut that recovery time down by more than 75%?

Just Imagine...
No More

The team at Max Reboot has scientifically engineered our product to accelerate the recovery period for hangovers down to 4-5 hours. How? By working to replace the lost vitamins, minerals, and hydration depleted in your night of excess.

Sound Familiar?

Max Reboot has thoughtfully crafted this formula for maximum effectiveness so you can party the night away, wake up, and reboot for the new day.

Hangover Relief Comes in Many Forms…

12oz Cans with Caffeine

4oz Shots with Caffeine

12oz Can Caffeine Free

4oz Shot Caffeine Free

What People Are Saying

"I've tried all the other hangover products on the market and none of them worked for me. Then a friend told me about Reboot and I LOVE it! I can't start my work week without it."

- Mike

"What I love about Reboot is that I can take it first thing in the morning after a night of partying. I tried the one that you are supposed to take before you go to bed but I would always forget (shocker LOL). I just keep some in the fridge and I'm good to go."

- Eric G.

"I keep a stock of them at the house so all I have to do is grab one when I feel the hangover coming on. I don't have to worry about running to the store to grab a hangover cure. Reboot is here when I need it."

- Monic A.